Astoria Cross Crusade on Halloween

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This was a really fun race. I didnt get a call up so I started second from last row. It was actually more fun starting in the back. I was able to hunt people down and not just red line myself trying to keep up with the fastest guys.

I got a flat tire on the 4th lap. Luckily I was right at the pit so I threw my bike on the ground (with a little show-mans-ship) grabbed Jesse’s single speed & I was off (thanks Jesse!). That lap was a little rough, the single speed felt solid and nice after my flat tire & popping gears- but damn,  I like having gears. The climb right before the pit made me thankful for those 16 speeds( or however many I have at any given time ).(ps. I seriously dont know! I think I have 8 x 2 but maybe that makes 24 in some worlds…..) (half joking… only half though)

We made a nascar precise bike exchange through the pit and *pooof* i had gears and a orange bike again! sweet….  So at that point I had a little work to do.

I finished off the last lap with good form. I was fighting a gay police officer and a angry leprechaun and I still came out on top! I made a move through the last horse stall that set me up for a quick decent through the muddy corners. I ended up putting like 10 seconds on the angry leprechaun and passed like 5 other guys in those turns then held solid for the finish.  12th place felt real solid for me, maybe I can get my call up back and return to my epic failure of getting passed way too often,

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