Super D! Sweat pants and cold feet

Winter Term is done! I can do stuff again! I enjoy school but its a goddamn life sink…..

Any way,  I did my first Super D this weened. I really didn’t know what to expect, Ive never really done any Mt bike races and really only done any serious riding with my brother and a few friends. I think I can be pretty good/fast but you never know what the competitions going to be like or if your gonna explode into a tree or fly off the trail.

Going into the weekend i realized I hadn’t used my legs in several months. Trying to keep up on training during the winter with school is tough, at some point i have to just tell myself to not worry about it until the term is over. So of course right when my final is done, i go and try to massacre myself. Went for a ride at sandy ridge on thursday, a run on friday, another ride at sandy on saturday. I couldn’t really walk after that, had a hard time at work limping around. Felt good.

Woke up around 8:00 on sunday the 20th (i know its pathetic but this is early for me) gathered my stuff and cruised out to sandy ridge. I didnt register early so i had to get there early enough to get on the list and check everything out.

according to website the races started at 12:00, i planned on giving myself a decent amount of time to make the climb and see what was going on up top. Naomi came to meet me, i didn’t really know how or where she could watch or even when i was racing, basically i was clueless and wearing awesome track pants because it was cold. I felt super awesome wearing track pants and a old snowboarding jacket, keeps me feeling like a true scumbag.  I left the base around 11:00 and dont really know how long it took me to get to the top, it was cold and there was snow on the ground. I tried to keep warm by peddling around and checking out sections of the other trail loops.  After 10-15 minutes i ended up back at the start line and they had the race times posted, mine wasnt until 1:18. It was 11:35, my feet and hands were numb so i decided to head back down, ride the trail, and find Naomi to let her know.

The trail was fun, muddy, and challenging. The top section is technical with tight switchbacks and lots of rocks and roots. About half way down there is a small flat/rolling/climbing section that can beat you up a bit if your not ready for it. Then the lower section has a bunch swooping rolling stuff, some small jumps, and nice banks. You can get up to speed here and have some real fun.

I will finish this later….. WordPress just crashed and erased the end of my post, I dont have the energy to rewrite it right now.

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