Super D Mud and Snow #3

The last race of the series!

Aaron and I headed out pretty early so we could get a practice run in. I was stoked to have him to go with, I also finally got smart and decided to try and ride with goggles. The snow level was about the same as it had been, and the coarse was super messed up on the top, muddy, rocky, snowy, slick, and awesome. Like normal it became much less so on the lower part. We took our time and on the practice run i just tried to show Aaron where i crashed and what parts where particularly hard.

We ran it once and hung out at the bottom, i felt a little bit more ready for this race then the other ones. Aaron ran into some guys he knew and talked to Butch a bit. With about an hour before our scheduled run times we started back up the hill. Aaron always outpaces me a bit on the hills but I was trying to keep at my own slow pace to keep my legs fresh. 

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We waited at the top in the snow for a bit before our starts. Butch went right before me and looked really fast coming off that start, turned out he went so fast as he tried to pass someone he ended up jumping off and down the hill.

I went second in my category, my start was messy and i almost went down a couple times from the snow coverage. I played it safe in the parts where i had trouble before. About 2 minutes into my run I slid off the trail and had a light but muddy crash, was able to recover fast and off i went. Right before the half way point i found myself on the wheel of the racer in front of me, i was able to make a fairly clean pass & prob only lost a couple seconds. DID I MENTION HOW AWESOME GOGGLES ARE! I COULD SEE!! OH BABY JESUS I COULD SEE!!! This helped me out soo much that i felt stupid for not using something before.

The rest of the race went as before, i pushed hard but on the hills i just felt gassed out (still working on this training thing). I ran the lower part fairly fast, but i still feel like the pump sections are spaced a little weird.

I got to the bottom and like usual almost threw up, Anna and Jesse where there and got some footage and pictures. I rolled around in the dirt dry heaving, Anna gave me some sparkle water or something that saved my life.

We waited a bit and after a few riders Aaron came down, apparently he had several crashes. Not much else to do but clean your bike check your time and take off. When i left it said i had FIRST! I WAS IN THE LEAD BY 12 SECONDS!

AWESOME! i knew it felt pretty fast but i could still improve alot. By the time i got home after work i checked the results and i was still in first, but what was more cool is that i won FIRST OVERALL!

The series was a great learning experience and was really fun but…… It felt really anticlimactic.

Im not some sort of weird prize whore or need recognition for everything but i attended all these races, in the wet and cold, freezing to death because there was not a heater the first race in 4 inches of snow, weird scheduling where you have to get there 3 hours before your 18 minute race but then basically just sit around freezing…

Basically everyone likes to Mt. Bike, but when you race you are paying to compete and get ranked or whatever so to not even do anything? no little ribbon? no cookie? no thanks for racing? no thanks for supporting our event?

They also did a “random” prize distribution for all participants. “random” as i know it means give stuff to people they are friends with. Anyway just a little bummed about how it went down, and they didnt even tell the racers who won prizes until over a week later.


Any way THANKS TO:

Eric Tonkin and Sellwood Cycle for keepin my bike in shape and this cool Orange armor!

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