Hood River Super D!

since i was biking alone images are just from before and after the race (looking for more stuff online)

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WOW, so awesome. The weather held for us over the weekend for the first race in the Oregon Super D series.  All the photos are a bit jumbled but it gives you an idea.

Post Canyon is super, SUPER fun to shuttle. especially this early in the year when the ground is still tacky, the course was over 7 miles long, dropped 3000 feet and had from what my gps told me almost 600 feet of climbing. Supposedly one of the steepest super d’s in North America, fast steep technical with a hot section of single track climbing in the middle. My Abra Cadabra just ate the course up!!! It just floats and bounces over everything, turns amazing. My only problem was gassing out on the climb (again). Seriously the thing is amazing, so light and responsive while still being super plush and downhilly.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24527724]

I am hoping to find some cool videos and images from the race, and will post more later. The course was so much fun I am trying to find people who want to go shuttle it within the next week or so before everything dries up and the death pebbles come back to kill me.

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