Bend Super D!

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So- here it goes.

Friday night, we get off work around 11pm. Our plan – get to bend by 2:30am so we can get the most out of our short weekend away from work and school (we seriously are time strapped) Ride the race course saturday, enjoy some sun, relax. Race sunday, and repeat.

Friday night: Get everything in the car and loaded and are on the road by 11:30, a little behind schedule but not bad for just working a friday night shift.  Some where between Sandy and Government Camp we notice that although we still have some gas (diesel) we probably wont make it any where past Warm Springs and thats if we are lucky. So, figuring it is a holiday weekend we are hoping that 1 of the 3 gas stations ahead are open and offer diesel.

Drive through Welches : closed

Drive to Government Camp: closed

“Okay, well maybe we can get AAA to come and give us enough fuel to get to Redmond”

Operator ” sure we can get you some gas” Naomi “just making sure, its diesel, not gasoline” (naomi had to say this at least 4 times to get her to understand) Operator “We should be there within 50 minutes”

Great so they will just sell us some fuel and off we go.

20 minutes later we get a call back explaining to us that they DO NOT have diesel but they can tow us back to Sandy. Bummer.

We quickly decide that just sleeping in Government Camp wont do us any good as the Chevron doesn’t sell diesel. We contemplate gambling for WarmSprings but I iphoned the gas stations there and it didnt look promising. So we suck it up and just head back to Sandy, we still had enough fuel to get there easily.

Bummed about time wasted but still trying to keep good moods we arrive in Sandy 30 minutes later. We pass the Arco and drive through the downtown strip, Arcos generally dont sell diesel. We pass a closed Chevron, a Leathers, and then our last hope the Shell…. Closed. We circle back up and ask the Arco guy if they sell deisel, like we thought they dont…. “so where is the closest place to get deisel” we ask “Prob way back in Gresham I think”

WTF- seriously? For over 100 miles between Gresham an Redmond there is nothing!?!?!

Now i feel defeated, we suck it up and head back, didnt really have a choice. Fueled up and off we went.

We got to bend at 5:20 am, the sun fully out and the train behind Travis’s house cruisin by and yelling at us. Passed out right before 6 am.

The rest of the trip was pretty good. Travis’s good friend Eric was doing the race so we got together and shuttled the course 2 times. Real fun but a little flat. I raised my seat every time I made the run.  I felt pretty good about the course but there was some wierd stuff like Y in the trail that all went to the same place but one might be faster then the other… So you gotta pick wisely. I think i did left, left, left, right or something like that.

After we ran the trail which took about 30 minutes each time we went and floated the Deschutes through the downtown park area. Awesome! It was really nice to get away from portland and my freakin busy schedule.

The rest of the day was cool too we bbq’d drank some beers. Pretty mellow but i was tired as hell from only sleeping like 4 hours.

Sunday was Race day, Eric was racing the same cat as I. We got to the start pretty early and I just kinda peddled around to keep my legs warmed up. I ate a decent amount and even ate one of those gnarly gel packets right before my run.

My run was pretty smooth, I passed almost 4 people (at the end i got stuck behind someone but was so close to the end i didnt bother making a fuss) and I felt pretty good.

They had me down for a time of 27:16 which was pretty fast for me, I got 3rd place! Later i found out they bumped the time to 28:16 but whatever i still got third. We directly went to the river after the race but hit a couple hiccups on the way. We floated again and it was awesome! there is the amphitheater right there so you get free music and sun and water… yep awesome.

Right when we were done we headed up to the award area but were too late. They were done and closing down. I managed to find some one and get my prize bag thing. 2 new tires and some gloves! awesome. Oh yeah and a award thing for my neck.

So yeah overall i think i did a good race, still lots of room for improvements, but had a great time.

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