Climbing Mt Hood!

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[ as you can see the sunrise was pretty amazing and would start peeking out around 4-ish]

Naomi and I on 2 Mt Hood Summit attempts. The first attempt we witnessed a mini avalanche on Old Chute that took out some climbers. The girl who was drug the farthest had some nasty cuts and a hurt back but seemed okay. This spooked us and we decided to call it good on the Hogs Back. We had our snowboards so going down was super fun and fast. When we were driving back we heard about the accident on the radio and saw the ambulances going up to timberline. It was kinda surreal.

The second attempt we started a little earlier  (1:30-ish)and made slightly better time. THe last climb and Old Chute were kinda sketchy as we were being pelted by falling ice chunks the whole time. Naomi took a baseball size one to the arm and had some nasty bruises. I saw her crumple over in pain…..

The very last bit of the climb was slightly more scary than i had imagined. Its just a long ass way down and the ice would screw you up bad. But alas we made it! and the Summit was awesome- the views were great.

We were tired at by the time we got to the top so we didnt spend as much time up there as we thought we might.

We had thought we were going to snowboard off the summit, and we would have but the snow conditions were just a little too rough and icy for our blown out legs. We decided to climb back down to the hogs back. Right before we started there just happened to be a rope team that jumped up and started down the chute we were heading down. THEY TOOK FOREVER! it was almost a joke how slowly they were moving. So we decided to traverse the top ridge over to another chute. As we were walking i realized 1 foot to my right was a 1000 ft + drop. SPOOKY! the wind was blowing my board around….. so i got low and kept going. I quickly figured out a good technique of getting down and made good time. By the time Naomi, and some other guy who started behind her got down that rope team was still in the other chute…. we were glad we made the decision to traverse.


Any way- we made! Tired as hell i still had to work later that day, so we ordered a pizza when we got back and then i went to work…. Naomi slept.


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