Oakridge Super D 2011!!!

Hey! So last weekend was the 3rd race of the oregon super D series. Great weekend for it, i was able to switch shifts at work so i didnt lose any time.  Naomi and I headed down saturday afternoon, on the way we actually passed my brother/sister in law/ nephews /nieces on I5 somewhere before Eugene. I was able to Instagram the situation. (instagram is awesome by the way)

<— Aaron and Amber + kids (my old Specialized from 12 years ago! awesome bike)

So anyway. After we do our thing, (eat food, find campsite, listen to Nephews explain Modern Warfare 3 in great detail, and set up shop) Naomi took us to get our race packets, and shuttle us up to the top for a pre run! (THANKS NAOMI!) The view was amazing, Aaron and I thought that the race was going to start on the gravel road where we got dropped off at, Luckily the race didnt start until after the most amazing field of Bear Grass flowers you have ever seen. This shaved off a good mile or two of climbing for the actual race. We took our time down the pre run, it seemed to go on forever! I started singing myself the theme song from the never ending story. There was scary cliffs with loose rocks, tight switch backs, fast long open stretches, and decent climbs. It seemed to take forever.

By the time we got down we had already decided that once was enough for pre-riding. We found Naomi hanging out with our friend Eric at the bottom and i was quickly handed a cold beer!

Race day: so i felt okay, my legs have been feeling really tight lately, and i havent been taking the best care of myself. I feared cramping. As it turned out, Aaron was going right before me. This was great, we were gonna do a team sport Super D where he was going to let me pass and then block everyone else! (joking) So we were like 6th and 7th togo i think.

Beep Beep Beep, “Go Aaron! Im gonna get you sucka!” were some words that just spewed outa my mouth as inspirational speech to pedal harder. I made a last minute seat height adjustment and after the countdown…. I was off.

I knew it was a long race so i tried to pace myself a little bit. I crashed almost right out the gate, first major switch back i lost it but quickly recovered. My main concern was where Aaron was in relation to me. After the first major switch section of the trail i thought i saw someone ahead of me. It wasnt for a couple more minutes until i actually confirmed that it was Aaron and not just a Oakridge Yeti. I put my sites on him, but as luck would have it i caught him on a climb. I pushed to that point, the point where it really sucks but you just have to deal with it somehow. My way is to count my pedals. 1/ 2/ 1 /2 on the hard parts. I finally got to him at the top of the climb and he let me pass. I let out a “fuck!” at the top cause i was so gassed.

After that I hit the road section, tried to push hard but felt pretty beat. Especially since i knew a climb was coming. Any way, the rest of the race was really hard, i pushed as much as i though was reasonable and was able to pass 1 other guy on a good spot in the race.

I didnt wear my sweet S+M hockey Jersey cause it was way to hot, so i just wore a T-Shirt that i almost wrote S+M on in Sharpie. Some how i made it to the finish line without really bailing hard. I really, really, came close a couple times. I crossed the finish line, ate some orange slices and was pretty delirious for a couple minutes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the head fog cleared, it turned out i was in 2nd place! Once all was said and done i still held the position. Turned out Thor had a crash and was slightly sick, and the other guy Tao beat me by almost 4 minutes. Common, bump up classes already! I beat Wade for second place by 4 seconds. I know that had to bother him a little as i know it would bother me.

I won some good gear including a real mountain bike helmet, size large gloves and a bunch of other goodies.

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