Stupid Nike LunarHaze

So i super bumbed about the Nike Lunarhaze shoes i bought. They seemed really awesome at first but after awhile or on longer runs the dynamic support system really starts making my knees hurt by trying to over correct my stride. The real bummer is i didnt realize they werent good for me until after the 30 day return policy expired.

My other retired running shoes turned hikers / workers are falling apart and are starting to cut my heels up. The problem now is i had to buy a new pair of runners to trail for the H2C this month leaving me with no good hiking shoes and no budget for another pair. I got a pair of Nike free runs that are actually really awesome. Not as much cushioning but they are so light and stable that its really nice to run in them.  Now i have a pair of shoes i cant wear that are barely used that i spent 100 bucks on…. Bummer.

Gonna try to use them for work and hiking for a couple times to see if they are fine for that, other wise i got a pair of 10.5 Nike LunarHazes for sell. Maybe buffalo will take em if i wash em.Update* did not wear them to work, they are no good, cleaning them to sell.

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