Winter Break

So last spring some time I fractured my leg. I didnt know it was my bone at the time & all summer I was pretty sure i had torn some ligaments. All summer I ran, road my bike, went hiking, climbing, etc. My knee hurt the whole time, it sucked. A couple times i crashed and it got really bad.

It wasnt until early November (I think) that i finally got an MRI which revealed the fracture. At first i was relieved because bones heal easier than ligaments (most the time) but then I got super bummed. I had already skipped out on Cyclocross this year because my knee, I was still running, alot but that had to stop. I was planning on snowboarding during my winter break but cant now, planing on rock climbing, cant now etc. So my winter break was shot as far as those things go. Doctor said no go for 3 months.

Any way, race forward a bit to now. I have been staying off my knee as much as i can. Only rode my bike maybe 2 times in the last 2 + months, havent ran, just went snowboarding last night for the first time of the year (rare for me.) On the bright side I do think my knees are feeling better, on the downside they do still hurt. This is starting to worry me a little bit. There is a good chance I am going to have to have another MRI within the next month to see how things are going.

So during the break i was trying to stay busy with design and video projects. Its really hard to go from a crazy busy term at school to doing absolutely nothing and not being able to exercise. I was doing some little video animation roughs, like this one of the sellwood cycle logo. It would be cool to do a better 3d version of it and maybe take it in a different direction. I was also looking into making a poster for the Oregon Enduro Series coming up this summer ( I think it could use some help) but after playing with it for awhile I lost interest.

I really just wanted to keep busy and progressing in some way, started drawing again a bit, watching a bunch of tutorials on After Effects and other programs but I slowly digressed into watching a whole slough of bad movies.

School starts again on Tuesday the 9th, so thats my excuse to feel okay about being lazy for a bit as its going to be a tough term.

Really hope my gimp knees fix themselves soon. I am having trouble sleeping because i have too much energy.

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