St. Malo-Pirates, Whiskey and Waffles


Arriving in Saint Malo we were greeted with cold winds and freezing temperatures. It was pretty ruff navigating our way to the “city” center. By the time we got there Naomi was about to shit herself of cold and i was just tired of the wind. A friendly bridge worker let us hang out in his “office” while the bridge was up. This at least kept us from freezing to death. We finally walked into the city walls and found a Carrefour or something. (Naomi) I talked to him long enough for him to tell me what we already knew, that it was really cold for this time of year and that our hotel was not in the direction we were headed. Still he was nice to talk to and I enjoyed stealing his office warmth.

We immediately bought whiskey and a few other things. Once we figured out where we needed to go (i think we found wifi or something) we just started on that way. The whiskey helped take the edge off the cold and we slowly got drunk walking north toward our hotel. An hour later we were at our hotel, drenched tired and ready for the end we found that they were nicely located at the end of the boardwalk

The next morning we woke up and headed out to explore the city and beaches. It was warmer and the ocean was vibrant green and blue. There was a nice path that led from our hotel to the Intra Muros along the coast. Inside the old town we had waffles for breakfast and then walked up around the city walls to explore. (Naomi) correction: best waffles ever!) Finally we walked out on the beach and over the rocks where we found the outdoor swimming pool they’ve built for summer. Where at low tide there is an actual pool for you to dip into and at high tide only the very top of the steps are visible. Not thinking of the tides we walked out to the one then another of the islands, the second of which we walked out to on a long paved pathway. On the backside of the island we stopped on to take pictures and sit for a moment. When we walked back around we saw a path being engulfed by waves and I asked “is that our path?” There was one other guy on the island with us who was sitting watching the tide come with his camera and he said “it’s going to be a long wait” at which point Sean and I decided to make a run for it. I stopped to save my boots, pulling them off quickly then tiptoeing across as icy Atlantic water splashed up to my knees. We had only sat down for a few minutes, the tide was that quick. The guy who had waited out there must have been stuck out there for hours though and it was not warm.

I could see how this place could be amazing in the summer, If it weren’t so absurdly cold that to drive me to drinking like a pirate I would have enjoyed the emerald aisle a little more. It is one of those places that is unreasonably beautiful and your pictures will never do it justice and they do have good waffles.

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2 Responses to St. Malo-Pirates, Whiskey and Waffles

  1. jim says:

    Ah…whiskey and waffles! I could feel the cold, and taste the whiskey in your words. You could compile a small novel off this trip!

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